Controlling Threshold Voltage Variation (σVT) and Leakage in advanced Semiconductor Devices

Do you need to control σVT (Threshold Voltage Variation) in your devices to 20mV or less?

Do you need to reduce leakage by more than 10X?

Is your large embedded SRAM not working properly, or too leaky, or having a high VMIN?

Are your facing these challenges as you scale below 28nm, toward 20 nm or 14 nm?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, you need to look at Semi Solutions' technology, a relatively simple extension of bulk planar MOSFET technology that accomplishes just that. The core technology is also applicable to FinFETs and flavors of SOI.

If your devices are used in the mobile market, where battery consumption and real estate are critical -- you should be investigating our solution, which scales well with the reduction in feature size into deep nano-geometries.

Semi Solutions' approach eliminates the need for special power-management circuitry to control σVT and/or leakage, and it is transparent to the logic designer.

The technology is protected by several US and international patents, pending applications, as well as more applications in progress.

Semi Solutions, LLC is a private company, still in "stealth mode" and has been funded by angel investors.
Non-confidential descriptions of our technologies are available to qualified inquirers upon request.

Confidential details of our technologies are available under Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The Semi Solutions technical team and its technical advisors consist of recognized semiconductor experts in the areas of

  • Device & circuit design
  • Device modeling
  • Device & circuit simulation
  • Manufacturing process
  • Semiconductor test & measurement
  • Semiconductor IP

The Semi Solutions technical team includes ten individuals with a collective experience of about 350 years in the semiconductor industry. Its team members are inventors or co-inventors of over 300 patents throughout their careers.

The extended team includes the Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) team of the University of Glasgow, which is world-renowned for their simulation ability of variability effects in advanced semiconductors.
Several technical documents describing silicon results, modeling predictions and design techniques are available upon request.

Our team is dispersed in several locations in the US and abroad.

Our main address is:

19160 Bainter Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95030

For more information please contact us at: